Is the bootcamp free or do I have to pay to attend?

Registration and participation in the bootcamp is completely free.

Who can register for the bootcamp?

African students who have recently graduated from high school or are in their final year of high school are welcome to apply for the undergraduate session of the bootcamp.

Students who are already in university or have completed their university studies are welcome to apply for the postgraduate session of the bootcamp.

How long will the bootcamp run for?

The admissions bootcamp will be held for a period of 3 weeks beginning on December 3rd 2022. This will be a period of intensive learning and engagement with peers. You will be required to attend at least three hour live sessions and complete assignments in your own time.

I am interested in other countries besides Canada and the US. Will the bootcamp walk me through the application process in those countries?

Currently, the bootcamp only focuses on the United States and Canada. In the future, we shall have boot camps that focus on university applications to other countries.

Do I need to meet a certain academic requirement to be admitted into the bootcamp?

Applications to American and Canadian universities are highly competitive especially for students who are in need of financial aid. For this reason, we will only admit candidates with strong academic records. You will be required to provide copies of your grades, resume, and results of a practice SAT or GRE test as proof of your qualification.

Is the bootcamp fully virtual or will we physically meet somewhere?

The bootcamp will be fully online. As such, you will need to have access to a computer and a strong internet connection to participate in the bootcamp.

    Where do I register for the bootcamp?

    To register for the webinar, please click here

    What shall I accomplish by attending the bootcamp?

    By the end of the bootcamp, you will be able to comfortably apply to at least 3 American and Canadian universities on your own. 

    Who will be teaching the bootcamps ?

    The undergraduate session will be led by Elijah Koome, a college counselor and 8B staff member who is a graduate of Amherst College in the USA. Elijah hails from Kenya and he studied in the United States on a full scholarship. The graduate session of the bootcamp will be led by Nicole Gwanzura, a higher education expert and former Assistant Director of Masters Admissions at the Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business. 

    I have a question that you have not answered. How can I contact you for more information?

    You can reach us by email via [email protected]