We Are Enabling African Students Displaced by the War in Ukraine to Find New Undergraduate and Graduate Programs.

Scholarships and affordable loan financing available.

Participating Universities

June 1, 2022 Deadline • USA
9 partial and 1 full scholarship

June 30 2022 Deadline • USA
5 full & 10 $40,000 scholarships

June 30, 2022 Deadline • USA
200+ places • 25-42% tuition discount

Rolling Admission • USA
50 places • 89% tuition discount

MacEwan University

Rolling Admission • Canada
5 places • domestic tuition rates

MacEwan University

Rolling Admission • USA
Unlimited spaces • domestic tuition rates

Find Support for a Displaced Student

Scholarships and affordable loan financing available.

About 8B’s Ukraine Effort

Why has 8B initiated the Ukraine effort?

The war in Ukraine has displaced more than 16,000 African students who were pursuing graduate and undergraduate education in Ukraine. Most of them were in STEM programs and in medical school. Their evacuation from the country was fraught, and their study prospects for the coming academic year are in limbo.

Because we exist to enable African brilliance to have a global impact, we have built a one-stop-shop to serve Africa’s globally mobile students, including African students displaced in Ukraine. We are therefore connecting them with universities, financing, and information they need to continue their global education.

What is 8B doing to help displaced students?

8B is doing three things:

1. Actively asking colleges and universities in North America and elsewhere to provide spaces for displaced African students.

2. Compiling resources to help displaced African students identify new universities and programs in other countries, full & partial scholarships, sources of affordable student loan financing, and other support to enable them to continue their studies.

3. Helping many of our partner universities shortlist applicants from the African continent.

I am a displaced African student. How do I apply?

Have your studies in Ukraine been interrupted by the war? Please click here to apply for opportunities provided by universities.

Please check often for updates to the Ukraine effort and other opportunities for which you may be eligible to apply.

I know an African student that has been displaced. How can I help them?

If you know of a displaced student that needs help finding a new program, please contact us and provide a way for us to contact you or them with more information as it becomes available.


Sometimes you need a little help from your friends, and an 8B rep. Don’t worry, we are here for you!