Top 10 Law Schools in the U.S in 2023

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Admissions

Are you considering pursuing a law degree in the U.S? You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to school selection.

The U.S has plenty of universities offering LLM degrees that combine in-depth theoretical teaching and practical experience. Probably, the biggest question on your mind right now is “Which universities offer the best LLM programs?”

Well, here is a list of the top 10 Law Schools in the U.S in 2023.

#1. Yale University – Yale Law School (YLS)

Application fee: $85

Tuition Fees: $69,433

Application deadline: Feb 15

Yale Law School (YLS) offers the most comprehensive international LLM curriculum in the U.S. Courses are taught by leading scholars from around the globe with a rigorous curriculum. You’ll be prepared for a successful legal career on a global level.

While there are no concentrations, students are allowed to tailor their course selection to suit their interests. Students get to immerse themselves in real-life legal experiences courtesy of the 20+ legal clinics at Yale.

#2. Stanford University – Stanford Law School (SLS)

Application fee: $85

Tuition fees: $66,396

Application deadline: April 3, 2023

Stanford Law School has earned its position as one of the top centers for training lawyers worldwide. It equips you with the necessary skills to excel as a lawyer.  The school boasts a distinguished faculty and provides a high-quality legal education. It offers opportunities for research, teaching, and public service, further enhancing your learning experience.

#3. New York University (NYU) School of Law

Application fee: $85

Tuition fees: $73,414

Application deadline: Feb 15, Nov 15 (early)

NYU School of Law is considered to be among the most prestigious law schools in New York. The school boasts a Lawyering Program that helps prepare students to gain practical legal skills – right from their first year. In addition, there are more than 30 legal clinics that students have access to from their third year.

#4. University of Chicago – University of Chicago Law School

Application fees: $90

Tuition fees: $72,081

Application deadline: March 1

The University of Chicago Law School offer an excellent LLM program for students interested in international law.

For a long time, the University of Chicago Law School has been regarded as the finest law school globally, consistently topping various respected rankings such as US News & World Report, QS World University Rankings, and Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Moreover, it has earned the top spot among American law schools according to The National Jurist, based on crucial factors such as salary, admission statistics, bar passage rate, and employment statistics of recent graduates.

#5. Columbia University – Columbia Law School (CLS)

Application fee: $85

Tuition fees: $76,088

Application deadline: Feb 15

The Columbia Law School is frequently ranked among the top 5 law schools in the U.S. With an impressive faculty made up of some of the country’s most accomplished legal minds, the school’s graduates are well-represented in the legal world

#6. Harvard University – Harvard Law School (HLS)

Application fee: $85

Tuition fees: $68,962

Application deadline: March 1

Harvard Law School is a renowned university for its rigorous legal programs. One of its most notable alumni is the ex-president of the United States, Barack Obama.

At HLS, first year students get the opportunity to test their legal skills through the school’s Student Practice Organizations – where they can help local artists in understanding copyright laws or represent state prison inmates at disciplinary hearings. At more advanced levels, students get to partake in the school’s law clinics. Students are required to complete 40 hours of pro bono work before graduation.

#7. University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) – Carey Law School – Penn Law

Application fee: $80

Tuition fees: $70,042

Application deadline: March 1

A highly selective law school, Carey Law School at the University of Pennsylvania  is one of the best legal programs in the US.  The U.S News ranks it #6 in their list of law schools in the U.S.

At the University of Pennsylvania, students can customize their education by taking courses across various academic departments. This opportunity extends to law students, who can enroll in courses offered by other professional schools.

Students can also earn a certificate in a specific area of specialization, such as Gender and Sexuality Studies or East Asian Studies, by completing additional courses. Additionally, law students can earn a second degree, such as an M.B.A. from The Wharton School or a master’s degree in City & Regional Planning through the School of Design, by completing both degrees in three years.

#8. University of Virginia School of Law

Application fee: $85

Tuition fees: $69,500

Application deadline: March 3

Similar to other academic departments at the University of Virginia, the School of Law abides by a rigorous, student-led honor system. Students commit to not engaging in any form of deception, academic dishonesty, or theft. In the event of a peer jury conviction, the penalty includes expulsion from the institution. The student population consists of roughly 350 individuals per class, with slightly more male students than female. Students are eligible to pursue dual degree programs, such as a J.D. and MBA from the Darden School of Business, which can be completed in four years.

#9. University of California, Berkeley Law

Application fee: $75

Tuition fees: $62,143

Application deadline: Feb 15

At UC—Berkeley School of Law provides a world-class legal education and is ranked #9 by the U.S News.

The institution pioneered curricula such as intellectual property law and technology-related law, as well as offering programs for specialized areas such as Energy and Clean Technology Law and Environmental Law.

From the second semester, students can customize their academic path according to their interests. Wine Law is one of the unique survey courses offered, and students are also able to create their own elective courses. The school provides various opportunities for involvement, including clinics, on-campus think tanks, and more than ten student publications. Additionally, advanced law students can participate in the Field Placement program, where they are placed in organizations such as the Federal Trade Commission or the Sierra Club Environmental Law Program to enhance their classroom education.

#10. Cornell University – Cornell Law School

Application fee: $85

Tuition fees: $71,608

Application deadline: March 1

Ranked among the top law schools in the U.S, Cornell Law School offers an LLM degree program that has produced distinguished legal scholars. The school also boasts prestigious faculty and a strong alumni network.

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