Dr. Kate McCaffrey

Kate serves 8B in providing a focus on the human side of the organization related to talent management, development and helping members of the team achieve. She is passionate about the creative and innovative ways 8B can create opportunities for those who may not otherwise access higher education.

Her career in higher education has left her with a passion for student success in all its forms and she works with 8B to create resources, partnerships and education for the team and the students whom they serve. Kate has devoted her professional life, having spent almost 30 years in higher education, to the study of improving and cultivating human and leadership potential to drive positive outcomes. Her demonstrated success in developing and executing short- and long-term pathways and vision, affirms her as an expert at identifying opportunities and delivering solutions that achieve organizational excellence and improve leadership capacity. Her research and experience have focused on maximizing the value of talent, aligning employees with organizational imperatives, and creating organizations that thrive and succeed.

Kate holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts; a Master of Science in Student Affairs from Colorado State University; and a Ph.D. in Human Resources Studies/Higher Education Leadership from Colorado State University. She is certified as an executive coach via the Center for Executive Coaching.

Kate spends her time based in the Finger Lakes in New York enjoying the outdoors with her 2 year old golden retriever Buckley Mac and being a resident Auntie while managing her executive coaching and consulting business.