NYU’s Center for International Cooperation is Hiring!

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Jobs

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NYU’s Center for International Cooperation is Hiring!

As part of our ambition to reduce friction for universities and employers looking to recruit Africa’s global talent, 8B Education Investments is pleased to be helping NYU’s Center for International Cooperation (CIC), who are seeking to appoint a Senior Program Officer facilitating the partnership between the UN and the International Financial Institutions (IFIs). The individual will be at the intersection of scholarship and practice: responsible for developing and implementing new research agendas in prevention and financing peacebuilding; convening leadership from the UN, World Bank, IMF and other multilaterals and bilaterals; and sharing evidence and lessons.

The CIC, housed at NYU, has long been a think-tank of choice for many who are in policy planning in international peace and security. It attracts a unique breed of lateral thinkers: it is probably one of the only places where you get to bring *creativity* to a multilateral file AND can thrive. So, if you are a thinker/researcher who also likes getting your hands dirty, an admirer of the multilateral system who does not want to be in a bureaucracy, a doer who also wants to support global policy formulation, and have experience with politics and development in FCV countries, this is probably a role for you.

Interested candidates can apply directly through NYU’s Interfolio job site here. The position will be based in New York, but non-US candidates are encouraged to apply, and can be sponsored for a J visa. Dr. Bosire would be happy to answer initial questions by email ([email protected] ), having worked on the UN/World Bank partnership file in her previous life.

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