List of Universities With Great Financial Aid for African Students

by | Jan 6, 2023 | Admissions

Getting the right university is one of the most critical stages when applying abroad. Before you begin your study abroad application, it is important to find schools that you have high chances of getting admitted to and also schools that offer significant financial aid to African students. Below is a partial list of universities that have a history of offering substantial scholarships to international students:

  1. Brown University (Rhode Island)
  2. Dartmouth (New Hampshire)
  3. Brandeis University (Massachusetts)
  4. Bryn Mawr College (Pennsylvania) 
  5. Colby College (Maine)
  6. Columbia University (New York)
  7. Cornell University (New York)
  8. Clark University (Massachusetts)
  9. Grinnell College (Iowa)
  10. Harvard University (Massachusetts) 
  11. Gettysburg College (Pennsylvania) 
  12. Hamilton College (New York)
  13. Johns Hopkins (Maryland)
  14. Kalamazoo College (Minnesota)
  15. Kenyon College (Ohio)
  16. Lafayette College (Pennsylvania)
  17. Pennsylvania State University (Pennsylvania)
  18. Arizona State University (Arizona) 
  19. Washington University (Missouri)
  20. Wesleyan University (Connecticut)
  21. Princeton (New Jersey)
  22. University of Houston (Texas)
  23. University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)
  24. CalTech (California)
  25. Colgate University (New York)
  26. Davidson College (North Carolina)
  27.  Berea College (Kentucky)
  28. Middlebury College (Vermont)
  29. Oberlin (Ohio)
  30. Smith College (Massachusetts)
  31. Macalester College (Minnesota)
  32. MIT (Massachusetts)
  33. Mount Holyoke College (Massachusetts) 
  34. George Washington University (Washington DC)
  35. Knox College (Illinois)
  36. Swarthmore College (Pennsylvania) 
  37. University of Chicago (Illinois)
  38. Vassar College (New York)
  39. Wellesley College (Massachusetts)
  40. Williams College (Massachusetts) 
  41. Amherst College (Massachusetts) 
  42. Bard College (New York)
  43. Bates College (Maine)
  44. Bennington College (Vermont)
  45. Michigan State University (Michigan)
  46. Stanford (California)
  47. University of Miami (Florida)
  48. University of Rochester (New York)
  49. Yale (Connecticut)
  50. Trinity College (Connecticut)
  51. Tulane University (Louisiana)
  52. Dickinson College (Pennsylvania)
  53. Bowdoin College (Maine)
  54. Occidental College (California)
  55. Centre College (Kentucky)
  56. Duke (North Carolina)
  57. Minerva Schools (California)
  58. Rollins College (Florida)

Outside US: 


  1. University of British Columbia
  2. University of Toronto 


  1. Yale-NUS 


  1. NYU- Abu Dhabi


  1. Carnegie-Mellon Qatar
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