How to Remain Globally Connected After Returning Home from Study Abroad

by | May 17, 2022 | Jobs, Mentorship

Returning home after your studies abroad is exciting. You get to reconnect with your family and friends and might even get a chance to contribute meaningfully to your community. However, going back to your home country also comes with its unique challenges—it’s common to experience reverse culture shock, frustration, and loneliness.

Remaining globally connected is one of the best ways to ease your transition. Your global connections might also open you up to opportunities to pursue further studies or work abroad.

Here are some ideas on how to remain globally connected after returning to your home country:

Connect with Other Returnees

Your family and friends might not fully understand the experience of studying and living abroad. Connecting with people who’ve had similar experiences can give you a better sense of community.

Find out if there are returnee groups in your area that you can join. If they are not available, consider creating one. You can meet up with other returnees, share your experiences, and connect each other to opportunities.

Check Up on Your Friends

Before leaving your host country, make sure to take your friends’ contact information. Connect on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where you can message each other. Keeping in touch with the friends you made abroad can ease your transition as you adjust to life back at home.

Become a Mentor

Before you traveled abroad for your studies, you probably had plenty of questions about what to expect. Students who are aspiring to study abroad have the same questions, which you’re now in a position to answer.

You can mentor other prospective international students in your community. To mentor African students in studying abroad, sign up for the 8B’s mentorship program.

Join the Alumni Network

Joining and being an active member of your university’s alumni network is a great way to stay globally connected. Keep track of what your college mates are doing, reunions, and other alumni events and activities you can get involved in. Take a proactive approach by reaching out to fellow alums, congratulating them on their wins, connecting them with opportunities, and offering your help when necessary.

Explore Global Opportunities

Being back in your home country shouldn’t restrict the range of opportunities you can explore. With a degree from abroad, you have access to many global opportunities for further study and work. Look for international work, internship, and volunteer opportunities abroad.

Help Exchange Students

Students coming to study in your home country from the host country will greatly benefit from your help. Having experience in both cultures, you can help them adjust and navigate in your home country.

Share Your Study Abroad Story

Students are looking to learn from your study abroad story. Take the opportunity to share your experience through blog posts, YouTube videos, and podcasts. You get to reminisce about your study-abroad experiences while also helping other students learn about what to expect—a win-win.


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