How Can International Students Qualify for University Application Fee Waivers?

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Admissions

You want to apply for college abroad. But there’s one big challenge; you’re unable to raise the application fees. On average college application fees cost $40. Most universities charge around $50, while highly selective schools (such as Stanford) may charge as much as $75.

For many international students, application fees can be a big stumbling block—especially if you’re applying to multiple schools.

The good news is that even as an international student, you might qualify for an application fee waiver. If your application fee waiver request is approved, it means that you can send in your college application for free.

Let’s explore how you can apply for college application fee waivers.

Can I Get a College Application Fee Waiver?

Getting an application fee waiver as an international student is largely dependent on the individual university policies and your eligibility.

Majority of the most selective colleges—especially those that use the Common Application—provide an application fee waiver for students on the grounds of financial hardships. This is especially so if you also apply for financial aid.

Here is the process of requesting application waivers from universities abroad:

  1. Read the application fee waiver policy document: Each university has its own policies regarding eligibility for application fee waivers. Read the policy documents (which are available online for most colleges) carefully.
  2. Fill out the waiver form provided online. After ensuring your eligibility according to the university policies, fill in the application fee waiver form. Make sure to attach your SAT scores.
  3. Provide any additional information required: The university may request you to provide additional information regarding your academic or financial background. Don’t give any false information as it might get you banned for life.

What If I Don’t Get an Application Waiver?

While you might be able to get an application fee waiver, don’t rely too much on the option. If you’re keen on gaining admission to a certain university, raising the application fee yourself is more likely to have the desired outcome.

If you’re experiencing financial hardship, it’s highly advisable to look for scholarships that can cover your college application fees.

There are some colleges that also don’t charge application fees at all. You can easily find such colleges online and eliminate the fear of not being able to raise the application fees or qualify for an application fee waiver.

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