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Support from a Community of Peers and Mentors

Access to a deep bench of role models and leaders to help guide you through critical times in your journey.

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Attend an 8b event

Attend an 8B event to expand your network, find support, learn about the admissions and financial aid application process, and 8B’s support for African students seeking international education opportunities.

Find Your Mentor Match

Our mentors know what it takes to succeed at a global scale, and they’re ready to provide the shoulders to stand on to get there. Find a mentor for every season of your journey to success.

Create New Connections

Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with ideas, and people with opportunities. Join our rapidly growing community to find support, get answers, grow valuable relationships and quite possibly help others just like you in the process.

We Provide An Ecosystem Of Support:

Global Study Resources

Access to free, curated, relevant information & resources designed to help you succeed on a global scale

Scholarship Database

Browse a database of scholarships for African applicants alongside comparison tools for best-fit private financing

Streamlined Application

Get application organization, document storage, and document review all in one central place

Employment Pathways

Prepare for a global career with our job search platform and learning pathways designed to upskill

Join the 8B Community

Connect with peers, gain access to tools and resources, discover new opportunities and thrive with meaningful information curated to support your success.