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8B Helps African Students Succeed at Global Universities

Choose the next step of your journey.

Tools, resources, and world-class support to master every step of your journey.

Find Your Dream School

8B platform aggregates numerous threads of information on colleges and universities that students would otherwise need multiple separate searches to find and then organize independently.

Explore Your Financing Options

Paying for school can be very challenging. 8B tries to connect you with grants and scholarships whenever possible. If a loan is required, our side by side comparison tool is specifically designed to help African students find the best and most affordable options.

Kickstart Your Career

We work with global employers specifically seeking ambitious African talent to fill in demand positions. From mentor advice to direct employer connections, 8B helps ensure you get the best chance possible.

Find Your Mentor Match

Connect with experienced African mentors who want to help you succeed. People who have been there before and can guide you through the process and share valuable insight.

Join the 8B Community

Connect with peers, gain access to tools and resources, discover new opportunities and thrive with meaningful information curated to support your success

Student Resources

Pros and Cons of Working While in School

Pros and Cons of Working While in School

From the office to the classroom, from writing marketing reports or flipping burgers to writing class—this is what college experience means when you...


Sometimes you need a little help from your friends, and an 8B rep. Don’t worry, we are here for you!