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African Students

Recruiters can access the growing population of highly qualified African professionals

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We Provide An Ecosystem Of Support:

Global Study Resources

Access to free, curated, relevant information & resources designed to help you succeed on a global scale

Scholarship Database

Browse a database of scholarships for African applicants alongside comparison tools for best-fit private financing

Streamlined Application

Get application organization, document storage, and document review all in one central place

Employment Pathways

Prepare for a global career with our job search platform and learning pathways designed to upskill

How does 8B help African students and graduates?

We support Africans entering the global workforce with ongoing coaching and a learning program focused on skills development in professional communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.


How do employers and students use 8B?

Employers can post open positions to an audience of resilient, diverse problem solvers, connect with students who have completed 8B’s learning program, and review resumes.

Students can browse aggregated job listings targeting global talent, organize their job search, connect with role models for information interviews, and link with mentors for application and interview guidance and preparation.

Dancan Onyango

8B Scholar

“My top 3 tips for young, ambitious Africans: Take the initiative: don’t wait to hear about career opportunities. Be assertive: don’t be afraid to apply when other students might be competing for the same job or internship. Be open to all opportunities: you never know where it will lead.”

Nifasha Rusibamayila, Tanzania

8B Scholar, Boston University School of Public Health

“The most surprising thing when I was seeking funding was the limited options for International Students. Most graduate schools do not offer financial aid. 8B funding was able to support part of my tuition, and I am very grateful for that.”


Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Ghana

Former Minister of Education, Ghana

“If ability is evenly distributed across the world, then the next Nobel Prize-potential mathematician may well be in Accra or Yaoundé. 8B seeks the brightest Africans to facilitate their education in leading global universities, thereby enabling them to meet their potential.”


Shelby Davis

Founder, Davis United World College Scholar Program

“8B uses an innovative approach to facilitate the education of world-class leaders and problem-solvers who can compete in the 21st century and steer Africa towards shared prosperity. This is a vision worth supporting.”

Oyama Mabandla, South Africa

Former Chair, Vodafone Group, South Africa

“Today, accessing world-class education depends on the twin lottery of parental wealth and scholarships. Building an inclusive 21st century requires us to exponentially unlock financing and human potential at a global scale. 8B is the revolution we need.”


Dennis Hanno

President Emeritus, Wheaton College, USA

“8B is making it possible for high potential students from Africa to attend some of the best institutions of higher education in the world. Most importantly, they are providing the support and resources to help these students succeed during college and beyond.”

Partner with 8B

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